Cryptic Crop- All Of The Lights

Welcome to our first ever Cryptic Crop!

Welcome to our first everĀ Cryptic Crop! Every Monday and Tuesday we will post a part of an image (at 7 A.M PST), to be followed by another part of the image (around noon PST), and then later that day (at 5 P.M. PST), we will post the full image. Feel free to post your guesses of what it is and where the image is from in the comments (winners will get a shoutout/ post share)!

Good luck and happy hunting!

Hint #1)

All Of The Lights- Crop #1

Hint #1: Waterfront

Hint #2)

Cryptic Crop Hint #2

Hint # 2: Round n’ Round We Go and on the Viaduct I glow!



Click the arrow to reveal the uncropped image!

This is the Seattle Big Wheel, which stands proudly at the edge of the Seattle Waterfront, next to the Seattle Aquarium.



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