Who We Are

              M & B (more commonly known as Mitzy and Brian) are your friendly neighborhood photography enthusiasts, sharing life with others one image at a time.

It is our hope that the images we immortalize through photography preserve and illuminate the experiences around us. Like other art forms, photography allows various peoples to connect and communicate, but in ways that are infinitely powerful and timeless. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we say so are all other emotions and feelings. When we gaze through our cameras to take images we feel that moments energy and by sharing these images with  others, we do our best to share this energy as well.

We will post at least 1 blog post a week, complete with imagery and a short or long form piece to accompany it. Please feel free to share our blog with others and follow us on social media ( our Instagram page is up and running with a Facebook page coming soon). Also, don’t hesitate to like our posts or leave comments to let us know how we’re doing! We look forward to sharing all the images to come 🙂 .


                               M & B