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The Terracotta Warriors

In 1974, well diggers outside of Xi'an, China, dug up what remains today one of the most notable archaeological discoveries of all time: The Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di- The first Emperor of China.

Woodland Park’s Wonders

         The zoo. For all of us fortunate enough to have had the experience, one's first time is not an occasion to be forgotten. Every sound and smell is guaranteed to be ingrained into your memory as your horizons are broadened by the sights of majestic Weavers and rotund Hippos. That's how ...

Washington Park Aboretum

The light was perfect. A cool breeze lightly drifted throughout the garden. The moment: perfect. I positioned my Nikon at the outer edge of the stone lantern overlooking it all and took the photo, preserving the moment forever.